How to Find a Local Degree Program

Congratulations on your interest in pursuing a higher education! Santa Barbara County offers a variety of degree programs to help you reach your educational goals. Selecting a University is a big decision, you will spend the next few years building your knowledge base by investing time and money into your studies.

We encourage early educators who are interested in conferring a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree to review the Higher Education Brochure, participate in the ECE Higher Education Fair and complete a Higher Education Readiness Survey. 

Local Degree Programs
All degree programs listed below are WASC Accredited and are listed in the Higher Education Brochure. Click each contact below to send an email to the Admissions Counselor for that program. 

Bachelor’s Degree Program Options:

 ▪ Antioch University – B.A. Liberal Studies, with a Concentration in Child Development & Education (CDE) contact
▪ Brandman University – B.A. Early Childhood Development contact
▪ University of LaVerne – B.S. Child Development  contact
▪ California State University, Channel Islands – B.A. Early Childhood Studies  contact 

Master’s Degree Programs 

▪ Brandman University – M.A. Education, Leadership in Early Childhood Education
▪ University of LaVerne – M.S. Child Development
▪ University of California, Santa Barbara – M.A. Education, Specialization in Early Childhood Education Leadership