Benefits of Participation

Participation in Quality Counts is an effective way to let parents and the community know your program is committed to quality while gaining access to a wealth of resources and opportunities to grow and improve the quality of your program.

Participating Quality Counts Programs will receive:

  • A reputation as a high quality child care program and promotion as a quality program to parents who are seeking care
  • An official assessment and easy-to-understand quality rating with specific, detailed quality improvement information
  • Ongoing support and training from experienced, knowledgeable staff, with a proven track record for helping programs improve quality
  • Access to professional development opportunities and trainings
  • A detailed process for making quality an ongoing priority
  • Engagement with cutting edge research, best practices, information, and training resources
  • Financial resources and incentives for educational materials, equipment, and other resources

Participating Quality Counts programs work closely with other early care and education professionals across the state to continuously improve the quality of care offered to children and families. The classroom environment, staffing, policies, and interactions with families are evaluated to see where improvements can be made. Let us help you strive for excellence. Apply to join today