Frequently Asked Questions for Interested Sites

What are the benefits of becoming a Preschool and Child Care Quality Counts (Quality Counts) site?

  • A reputation as a high quality child care program and promotion as a quality program to parents who are seeking care;
  • An official assessment and easy-to-understand quality rating with specific, detailed quality improvement information;
  • Ongoing support and training from experienced, knowledgeable staff, with a proven track record for helping programs improve quality;
  • Access to professional development opportunities and trainings;
  • A detailed process for making quality an ongoing priority;
  • Engagement with cutting edge research, best practices, information, and training resources; and,
  • Financial resources and incentives for educational materials, equipment, and other resources.

How will our program be promoted within the community?

  • Your program will be publically identified as a participant in Preschool and Child Care Quality Counts, including but not limited website, newsletters, publications, brochures, state and alternative payment reports, and other communications.

What is the cost of participating?

  • There is no cost.

What is the time commitment to receive a Quality Rating and Improvement Scale (QRIS) rating?

Typically, it takes a site one full year to receive a rating.

Does one specific person need to oversee our site’s process through QRIS?

  • No. Typically, the Quality Counts Coach will meet with the Site Supervisor, Program Director, Family Child Care Owner, or designee selected by the site.

What are our responsibilities regarding participation?

  • Remain in good standing with California Community Care Licensing and notify your Coach immediately of any investigation or action being taken by CCCL against the site.
  • Comply with all Quality Counts requirements, policies and procedures as outlined in the Participation Guide.
  • Notify your Coach of any changes to program participation or eligibility.
  • Complete the Quality Counts Assessment Profile form.
  • Follow the Quality Counts Matrix requirements.
  • Meet with your Quality Counts coach regularly to develop your quality improvement plan.
  • Continually work towards improving program quality and involve staff and families in the process.
  • Work towards participating in NAEYC or NAFCC Accreditation – if not already accredited.
  • Participate in technical assistance sessions, meetings, trainings, and professional development opportunities relating to quality improvement.
  • Participate in various on-site independent assessments for purposes of determining overall quality rating.
  • Participate in data gathering and evaluation conducted by the State of California and Quality Counts.

How are we assigned a Coach?

  • Coaches are regionally based and assigned to sites based on location.

Can our program select a Coach?

  • No, not at this time. A specifically trained early care and education expert will be assigned to your site.

How does the Coach help with our quality improvement?

  • Your Coach will provide honest and timely feedback; on-site, individual, and group coaching; technical assistance; and, mentorship. Your Coach will help you:
    • Complete an initial Baseline Data Collection Form.
    • Identify program strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Develop and implement a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).
    • Identify program strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Complete and submit a Mini-Grant Application that is directly tied to the QIP.
    • Access community resources.
    • Work towards accreditation.

Is there a penalty for withdrawing from Quality Counts?

  • Your participation in this program is completely voluntary.
  • There is no penalty for discontinuing participation, however, if a mini grant has been issued and the program ceases to operate, voluntarily withdraws or is dis-enrolled from Quality Counts then the site/program must immediately return unspent grant funds and/or materials purchased with grant funding. (Ex. PROGRAM received $300 to install a sandbox, before the sandbox could be installed the program closed. Program purchase tablet and then voluntarily withdraws, tablet becomes the property of First 5).