Child Development Permit – FAQ’s

How Much Does it Cost?

Child Development Permits are issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The permits are issued for a fee of $100.
First-time Permit Holders must obtain a Live Scan specifically for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, regardless of a previous scan for another agency. Live Scan fees are generally between $60-80 depending on the provider. See list here.

Is there any funding available to support these costs?

The Child Development Training Consoritum (CDTC) provides monetary support to Child Development Permit holders in the primary levels of the permit: Assistant, Associate, and Teacher. Providers who wish to apply for this support must complete a CDTC application and Live Scan Reimbursement form. The complete application is then forwarded to the CDTC for review and to attach payment for the CCTC.

Is there any support to apply for a permit?

Child Development Permit Application has been created as a self-serve and application process however assistance is available. If your employer requires you to hold a Child Development Permit, generally, they will support you to apply and maintain your permit. Please contact your supervisor to learn about the available support. Otherwise contact Tom Heiduk, Credentials Analyst for the Santa Barbara County Education Office for assistance.

Tom Heiduk, Credentials Analyst
Human Resources
805.964.4710 ext. 5266

The First 5 ECED Staff is also available to support current participants of Quality Counts, ECE Workforce Grant and Quality Counts Network Programs with support via telephone, email and by appointment.
First 5 Santa Barbara County
Early Care & Education Division

How to find an application?

Anyone may search for California teacher credential information (including permits) by entering the credential holders name, social security/birthday, and/or document number. To visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Application and Credential Online Search click here then select “Search for an Educator”.

What are the Professional Growth Requirements?

All Permit holders, with the exception of the Associate Teacher, are required to work with a Professional Growth Advisor to plan goals and activities in order to meet the 105 hour Professional Growth requirement necessary to renew their permit.

What is a Professional Growth Plan & Record?

Professional Growth Plans serve multiple purposes. It provides the documentation necessary to renew your permit. The intent of the Plan is to create Goals for Professional Development ranging from specialized training, educational degree attainment, basic skills training, research, leadership, mentorship, etc. Then, activities are planned in order to meet the goal(s). When a new goal arises the plan is updated to reflect it and additional activities are planned. Each goal and activity is pre-approved by the Professional Growth Advisor. After each activity is completed the advisee works with the Advisor to review the goals and plan additional activities. The support provided by the Advisor supports new ideas, resources and networking opportunities.
Professional Growth Plan and Record Form.

What do Professional Growth Advisors Do?

Professional Growth Advisors support Child Development Permit holders to create goals and plan activities for meeting renewal requirements. Professional Growth Advisors are volunteers and are often a Child Development Permit holder themselves.

In order to serve as a Professional Growth Advisor, the provider must meet one of seven qualification options. The most common advisor is Option 1: A Child Development Permit Holder at the Teacher Level or above with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience or serving as a director in an ECE setting.

The responsibilities of a Professional Growth Advisor include knowing the requirements, recommending activities, creating the initial plan, updating and amending the plan, planning activities, verifying time spent and signing off on the plan.

If you are unable to find a Professional Growth Advisor or are seeking a new Professional Growth Advisor, the Child Development Training Consortium hosts a “Find an Advisor” listing on their website of trained Professional Growth Advisors who would like to provide this service to other Permit Holders. Click here to view Santa Barbara County Advisors.

Although training to serve as a Professional Growth Advisor is not required opportunities to learn about the Professional Growth Advisor requirements are available through the Community Colleges. Contact your local ECE Department, CDTC Grant Coordinator to verify availability:

Allan Hancock College
Thesa Roepke (805) 922-6966 x 3253,

Santa Barbara City College
Devona E. Hawkins (805) 965-0581 x 4015,